16 Feb 2017

Grand Designs - Learning Edition

Trailer By Ayah,Hudson,Tom and Teo

When we all arrived on the first day of school our classroom was empty except for all the furniture piled up in the corner with construction tape all around it. There were ‘Grand Designs Learning Edition’ signs everywhere. The teachers greeted us with their warm smiles and to my surprise they were wearing construction gear and looked like proper workers!

After we had settled in, we all went outside and did a scavenger hunt to know a little bit more about each other. We all went back inside and completed some chalk talks about learning. A chalk talk is where you walk around the classroom with a pen and write down your ideas on pieces of paper that have questions on them. You also don’t talk while you do it, you let the pen talk for you!

After lunch we started our Grand Designs. First we decided what we needed to do to set up a successful classroom. We chose what group we wanted to be in. The groups were Organisers/Resource Management, Interior Designers, Space Layout, Movers, Name and Logo Designers, Reporters/Documentary Crew. I chose to be in the Reporters/Documentary crew. Our first job was to write a notice to let the parents know what we were doing but we only had forty minutes left! The pressure was on! Thank goodness we managed to finish it and get it out to our families.
By Davina