17 Aug 2017

Pokemon Club

Saem and Tom from COLAB are very passionate Pokemon Masters. They have spent the last few months finding sheltered corners of the school to play Pokemon during lunchtimes.

Saem and Tom decided to start The CSNS Pokemon Club. Last Wednesday they had their first Club session and were blown away by the number of kids who turned up to learn about and play Pokemon.

Well done Saem & Tom!

8 Jul 2017

Impact Project - Gymnastics Lessons

This term Ayah completed her Impact Project on Gymnastics. She wanted to make an Impact on children at CSNS by introducing Gymnastics to the Sports Rotations.

She has researched gymnastics, what components are needed in a Gymnastic program, and planned gymnastics lessons. Before she started coaching the Junior Syndicate she took a 10 volunteers from Room 5 for a 30 minute Gymnastic session.

28 Jun 2017

Minh Learns Rugby

Our Vietnamese Student Minh has been researching about our national game, Rugby. During our Sports Rotations Rhys and Mickey taught him how to tackle.

We hope to see you playing Rugby for Vietnam one day!
Mickey, Minh and Rhys.

21 Jun 2017

Cross Country

We had our School Year 3-6 Cross Country at the Dranfield's farm this term.

This is Eden's writing about the Cross Country:

Almost there

Next is the forest trail
I am so tired
Trees are nice and shady to run under
Minutes to go! So close
Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! I slipped

End. OMG YAY! *Breathes heavily*

14 Jun 2017

Ayah's Birthday

This week it was Ayah's birthday. Not only did we sing for her in COLAB but....
she also got to meet Jono & Ben, Guy Williams and Laura and they sang her happy birthday too!

What an awesome birthday!


9 Jun 2017

Thank you Miss Marshall!!

We have been so lucky to have Miss Marshall teaching and learning in COLAB since Term One. She has been an awesome member of COLAB and everyone has enjoyed her passion, enthusiasm and big smile!
Thanks for all you have done in COLAB and at C.S.N.S!!!
Best of luck for the future, you are going to make an incredible teacher!
We are going to miss you!

26 May 2017

Road Ride Cycle Safety

My heart thumped against my chest, as I put on my high vis vest on. After two days of practising bike skills and intersections, we were finally going on the road.

When it was my group’s turn to go on the road, I hopped on my bike, checked for cars in the power position and when there were no cars coming, we yelled “clear!” Then we were off.

We peddled down College Street, then indicated left and turned onto Marne street. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, there were barely any cars. But when I was just about to go around a parked car, I heard an engine.

I slowed down immediately, and waited for the car to pass me. Still frightened, I sped up a bit until I saw the two groups in front of me stop. I put my right hand up to show the cars I was stopping and went up onto the grass to wait for the other groups to arrive.

When all of the groups were off the road, Phil and Matt talked to us about what we had just done and what we were going to do next. When they had finished explaining, Phil did a demonstration, then it was our turn.

We biked down the street, stopped at the stop sign and indicated to turn left. When it was clear we turned left onto Park Road until we caught up to Phil. We then walked our bikes over the road on to Ake Ake Ave and  practised a right turn at an intersection. Then went back to the Ake Ake Ave intersection again.

On the way back to school we stopped at the roundabout on Victoria Ave and watched the cars go round and round and round. Most cars indicated correctly but lots of them didn't indicate at all. That made the roundabout too dangerous for us to go on, but at least we got to practice with a cone roundabout in the quad.

When we got back to school we handed in our high vis vests and put our bikes on the turf. Cycling was super fun I wish I could do it all over again. Thank you Matt and Phil for coming in to teach us about cycle safety. I will be much more confident biking on the road now!

Written by Genevieve Bendall

21 May 2017

Go For Gold - Dylan Kenny

Dylan Kenny - What an outstanding year you have had so far! We have seen you exploring new learning opportunities and discovering new strengths. You are developing a growth mindset and you enjoy being in the ‘Learning Pit’. You have a fantastic attitude towards learning and a willingness to share your strengths with others.

You are a natural leader. Your positivity and encouragement towards others is valued in COLAB. You do everything with a smile on your face and give everything 100%.
We look forward to seeing what the rest of the year has in store.

Keep challenging yourself and going for gold!
Congratulations Dylan!

Mr Kennedy presenting Dylan with his Go For Gold.

Dylan rocking his white socks!

Can't wipe that smile off! Congrats Dylan. 

Band Camp @ The STOMACH

Last week ‘Blendin’ Beats’ (our school band) visited The Stomach to learn all about music, collaboration and stage presence. Workshops were held to improve our skills and knowledge as a band and also in relation to the instrument we play. We had heaps of fun learning about our talents and learning new skills.

Blendin' Beats (absent Holly)
As soon as we arrived we were welcomed by Harry, the manager of The Stomach, and Nigel, the sound engineer, as well as all the kids and teachers from other schools. The schools involved were; Monrad Intermediate, Russell Street, Roslyn, Ross Intermediate and Mount Biggs. Then we went on a tour of the venue and broke into our bands for a songwriting workshop with our teachers.

Harry showing us the sound engineer & lighting desk... so many buttons! 
After Morning Tea, we went off in groups for workshops with the other kids who played the same instrument as us. We learned some techniques that will help us in our bands.

‘It was an awesome experience and it’s great how they provide music spaces, instruments and tools at The Stomach to help young musicians.’ says Scott Du, who specializes in piano and keyboard.

“The Stomach is a great learning environment for new musicians and we love how it’s open to all ages and levels.” say Patrick Holmes and Tommy Read, who specialize in drums and percussion.

We met lots of musicians from other school and got so much out of the workshops. We even wrote our own original song called ‘Seasons’. We haven’t completely finished it yet, but we’re really happy with it so far! Watch this space - we can’t wait to play it for you later in the year!
Some of the highlights from the workshops
We had a really awesome day! Thanks to the teachers and to Harry and Nigel at The Stomach. We can’t wait to come back.
Written by:

Blendin’ Beats Band

(COLAB members - Eilidh, Tommy & Holly)

20 May 2017

Coding Club

This term we have started our lunchtime Coding Club. Due to numbers we now have two Clubs running this term, on Tuesday we have Storytelling (beginners) and on Friday Game Design (advanced).

We use the Google CS First program and Scratch. We follow through the instructional videos that guide us and give us tips to complete our projects. If we get stuck we do the "Rooster up" signal on our heads and someone will come and help. We help each other.

Coding is teaching us problem solving, creativity, coding and collaboration.

Maths Extra 2

The Boys of Maths Extra 2 assessing their new learning and understanding of Fractions with a Kahoot!

17 May 2017


Today COLAB went cycling. We cycled around cones on the Quad and learned hand signals to show the way that you were going to go. We had to look over our right shoulder and say clear out loud and put our hand out to whatever direction we were going. For example, if you are going to turn left, then hold out your left hand to tell the people behind you what way you want to go. Phil from Sport Manawatu and Constable Matt were lots of fun and really helpful.
It was really fun we enjoyed it very much! We can't wait for our next session and the Road Ride!

By Phoebe & Georgia

12 May 2017

Congratulations Vicki!!

Last week our amazing Teacher Aide Vicki graduated from university!! We hope you loved your graduation and had an amazing day!

We are lucky to have you. Congratulations from COLAB :) 

Open Mic Challenge

This week was the first Open Mic Challenge for the year. It is for children in Palmerston North from Year 3-8 to come perform a song and get feedback and develop their confidence on stage. 

Three talented COLABers were entered in the first challenge - Holly for the very first time! 

Eilidh sang "Our Song" by Taylor Swift, Madeleine sang "The Call" by Regina Spektor and Holly sang "This Town" by Niall Horan.

The girls sang exceptionally well and received some great feedback from Tony McLaughlin. 

The girls will be singing next in the Plaza as part of the Rotary Youth Music Festival and then the next Open Mic Challenge is on 14th June - so they will be practising ready for that! 

Madeleine performing "The Call"

Eilidh performing "Our Song"

Holly singing "This Town"

Eilidh then performed to the whole Senior Syndicate at Syndicate singing on Thursday. These girls are super talented!