21 May 2017

Band Camp @ The STOMACH

Last week ‘Blendin’ Beats’ (our school band) visited The Stomach to learn all about music, collaboration and stage presence. Workshops were held to improve our skills and knowledge as a band and also in relation to the instrument we play. We had heaps of fun learning about our talents and learning new skills.

Blendin' Beats (absent Holly)
As soon as we arrived we were welcomed by Harry, the manager of The Stomach, and Nigel, the sound engineer, as well as all the kids and teachers from other schools. The schools involved were; Monrad Intermediate, Russell Street, Roslyn, Ross Intermediate and Mount Biggs. Then we went on a tour of the venue and broke into our bands for a songwriting workshop with our teachers.

Harry showing us the sound engineer & lighting desk... so many buttons! 
After Morning Tea, we went off in groups for workshops with the other kids who played the same instrument as us. We learned some techniques that will help us in our bands.

‘It was an awesome experience and it’s great how they provide music spaces, instruments and tools at The Stomach to help young musicians.’ says Scott Du, who specializes in piano and keyboard.

“The Stomach is a great learning environment for new musicians and we love how it’s open to all ages and levels.” say Patrick Holmes and Tommy Read, who specialize in drums and percussion.

We met lots of musicians from other school and got so much out of the workshops. We even wrote our own original song called ‘Seasons’. We haven’t completely finished it yet, but we’re really happy with it so far! Watch this space - we can’t wait to play it for you later in the year!
Some of the highlights from the workshops
We had a really awesome day! Thanks to the teachers and to Harry and Nigel at The Stomach. We can’t wait to come back.
Written by:

Blendin’ Beats Band

(COLAB members - Eilidh, Tommy & Holly)

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