12 May 2017

Open Mic Challenge

This week was the first Open Mic Challenge for the year. It is for children in Palmerston North from Year 3-8 to come perform a song and get feedback and develop their confidence on stage. 

Three talented COLABers were entered in the first challenge - Holly for the very first time! 

Eilidh sang "Our Song" by Taylor Swift, Madeleine sang "The Call" by Regina Spektor and Holly sang "This Town" by Niall Horan.

The girls sang exceptionally well and received some great feedback from Tony McLaughlin. 

The girls will be singing next in the Plaza as part of the Rotary Youth Music Festival and then the next Open Mic Challenge is on 14th June - so they will be practising ready for that! 

Madeleine performing "The Call"

Eilidh performing "Our Song"

Holly singing "This Town"

Eilidh then performed to the whole Senior Syndicate at Syndicate singing on Thursday. These girls are super talented!  

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