16 Mar 2017

Triathlon Day

On Wednesday the 15th of February, College Street Normal School was buzzing with excitement because it was our annual triathlon. It was a huge event! Before school there were oceans of people and it was chaotic. 600 hundred kids were involved in the event. We were lucky that Golden Fresh, an Orchard in Hawke's Bay, generously sponsored us by providing free apple snappz and bottles of water for every participant, teachers and parents. They also kindly gave us sports equipment and spot prizes. We were so grateful.

We lined up between the big walnut trees. Everyone was bobbing up and down with excitement. We were waiting for the buzzer to go and all of our legs were shaking like an earthquake. BANG! And just like that we were off!

The first leg of the race started with a run. We knew we had to keep our pace. We had to sprint out of the school gate. We stampeded down the walkway to Marne Street then along Karaka Street. After completing the run, we ran as fast as we could through a sea of bikes frantically searching until we found ours. Before we kicked off the bike leg, crammed our head into our helmet. We had to complete two circuits of our rather large field. Our legs felt like jelly, but we still had fun, and we wore a brave smile. Thankfully, there was only the swim left to achieve, before we got to relax. The pool was freezing, but we were boiling. It was refreshing, reviving, and restoring to the soul. 

Do you know how good it felt to have accomplished something as challenging as this? It felt amazing! Thank you to all the people who contributed to this event. We also would like to say thank you to all the parents that were involved in the triathlon by coming along to watch. What a fabulous day at College Street Normal School!

By Hudson, Max, Madeleine, Luke A

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  1. The triathalon was so fun. But i was in india at the time.
    From Sakthi 12/13