21 Mar 2017

Water Safety at The Lido

This week COLAB started water safety lessons at the Lido. Each sport group was divided into three groups based on our skills and confidence.

On Monday (our first lesson) we lined up outside to wait for the bus. We waited and waited and waited, after about 15-20 minutes the bus finally arrived. Unfortunately we were late to the Lido as the bus took a while to come. But it turned out okay- we still all had a turn and learned something new.

We were in 3 groups at the pool depending on our confidence in the water.

When we got in the pool we started to swim to the end of the pool with a flutter board and then on our backs. This lesson was just a warm up so that the swim instructors could see our ability. We were going to learn some harder skills the next day.

On Tuesday we did our second lesson in the outside pool. Group 1 went in the lane pool, Group 2 and Group 3 went in the diving pool. Group 1 got to make waves with flutter boards and then swim through the waves. Group 2 learned how to tread water and what to do if you fall into water. Group 3 wore lifejackets, learned what to do if boat capsized, including huddling as a group.

On Thursday we used buckets to float on the the water. Then we did some diving and freestyle. At the end we did some diving for rings.

We all got more confident in the water and learned some new skills on how to keep safe in different situations. Thanks Mr R for providing us with this awesome opportunity - especially before camp when we were going to be in the water!

By Genevieve and Josh

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