5 May 2017

ePro8 Semi-finals

After the triumph of making the Regional Semi-finals CSNS Lads and CSNS Trial & Error had a 3 hour training session on the last Sunday of the holidays. We started off by doing some collaboration team building challenges, including the Human Knot and Pass the Hula Hoop. These were a lot of fun and forced us to work together, we even held hands!

Then we had two and half hours of challenges, which simulated the EPro8 Challenge. The challenges were hard but both teams managed to complete at least one task. 
Ryan and Saem during a Sunday practice challenge session.

William, Blake and Caleb hard at work building.
 As we entered the PNINS Hall we were all excited! The hall was set up with 16 stations and all the other schools were looking through the stations to see what they could use to solve the challenges. After Kelvin gave the instructions we were off. Both teams managed to rack some points by completing some of the challenges.

With 20 minutes to go CSNS Trial & Error were leading and CSNS Lads were in 6th place. All of the stations were hectic with teams trying to complete their last tasks. In the end we had to wait until prize-giving to hear the final placings.

CSNS Trial & Error came 3rd overall and qualified for the Regional Finals. CSNS Lads came 7th place and were 20 points off making the top 5!

CSNS Lads in action during the Semi-finals.

CSNS Trial & Error flat out building.


Third Place - CSNS Trial & Error!

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