6 May 2017


In COLAB we have been building a target for our learning. It isn't a normal target or an archery target, it is a learning target. On the first two days at school we were in groups and did activities about; Knowing, Managing and Designing Learning, Growth Mindset, Creativity, Collaboration and Inquiry.

The activities were:
CREATIVITY: The Paper clip challenge. We had to come up with new uses for a paper clip and then pitch our idea to the rest of our group.
COLLABORATION: Breakout Edu. In our group we had to work together to solve the clues to hep Hohepa and Barry escape from the Beehive basement.
GROWTH MINDSET: We read a range of texts about Growth Mindset, then share our new learning in anyway that we wanted in a small group.
KNOWING, MANAGING & DESIGNING LEARNING: We did a learning survey about ourselves as a learner, then we had to come up with some solutions and give advice on some different learners scenarios.
INQUIRY: We were introduced to the idea of moonshot thinking to come up with solutions to problems. We also looked at some different ways that people communicate their learning to give us some ideas for communicating our thinking.

We had heaps of fun and learned heaps during the activities.

The next day we wondered why we had done it. Then the teachers showed us a picture of a target with all of the headings around it. There were four layers; red, orange, yellow and green. The target is going to help us to be successful and think about what we need to work on.
There is also a ? segment. This is because if we come up with something we think is missing then we can add it in throughout the year.

In groups we used everyone's reflections from the activities to co-construct what we would be able to do for each segment at each colour. We have written some statements to show a progression. We will be able to set some goals for what we need to work on.

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