4 May 2017

EPRO 8 - Regional Heats

Regional Heats:

On Wednesday of Week 6 a few lucky Colab kids got to compete in the ePro 8 Challenge against other schools.

There were four CSNS teams;
CSNS Trial and Error: Holly, Nina, Ryan and Saem
CSNS Lads William, Caleb, Tom and Blake
CSNS Geek Squad Fran, Eilidh, Hudson and Lachie
CSNS Think Tank (Kate Caroline, Tommy and Teo

Epro 8 is an engineering challenge that puts teams of 4 against each other. It is about working together to complete challenges you have been set. You get a station with tools and materials like metal rods, wheels, cogs, rope etc. You have to use them to create something that solves a problem. When you have finished a challenge you press a big red button which blasts out a really loud song and the Kelvin (who invented and runs ePro8) checks your creation. If you have solved the problem you get the designated points.

In the end two of our teams got through to the semi finals. CSNS Lads who came 3rd and CSNS Trial And Error who came 4th!

By Nina And Kate   

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