4 May 2017

Breakout Edu

As part of building our COLAB Target we got to take part in a Breakout EDU. For most of us this was our second Breakout as we did one last year about Star Wars.

When we entered the Workshop we saw a screen with a Breakout EDU logo and sound blasting. There was lots of ANZAC related material on the walls so we quickly worked out what the Breakout was going to be about!

We had to work together to free Hohepa and Barry out of the basement of the Beehive. The clues were hard to crack but we persisted and slowly started to find keys and open locks.

The Breakout was a lot of fun and it definitely highlighted the importance of collaboration!

A few days later we got to do a Kahoot on the history of the ANZAC's! This showed us that we had learnt a lot. Some of us even beat the teachers!

Searching for clues.

Trying to find the clues within a Google Map.

A video explaining the History of Anzac Day.

Working together to answer a google form.

BOOM! We broke out! 

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