8 May 2017

Impact Project Practice Pitch

In Term 2 we are getting the opportunity to do an Impact Project. Before we can start we have to 'pitch' our idea for an Impact Project to our teachers (like Dragons Den). As we have never had to 'pitch' an idea before we got to practice in groups.

Firstly we watched a video of Mr R pitching his idea for an Impact Project. Whilst it was funny it modelled for us how to 'pitch' an idea.

Then we watched a video about Keoni following his Moonshot through from start to finish. It was really interesting watching the process and it highlighted how his project has an impact (there are more resources about the Impact Project at the top of our blog).

Then we brainstormed some problems within our class and got into small groups to come up with Moonshot solutions for them. We then put together our pitch and practised it before we got to pitch it to our class and teachers. Then they asked us questions and gave us feedback.

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